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The Tenable PAC was created to help strengthen Tenable's ability to shape the public policy decisions that affect the way we run our business and our lives. We do this by supporting candidates and who share our interests and who understand and support policies beneficial to Tenable and the cybersecurity industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • A PAC is an entity that may be established and administered by a corporation, labor union, membership organization or trade association to provide financial support for candidates for elective office.

  • Corporate federal PACs typically support federal policymakers who champion issues of importance to the corporation and its employees.

  • PACs provide individuals who share common interests a way to leverage financial contributions to candidates.

  • PACs are voluntary and Tenable's PAC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a diverse group of Tenable employees that oversee all PAC activity.

  • PACs are essential tools for successful advocacy.

Tenable PAC pools voluntary, personal financial contributions from eligible employees to help elect pro-technology and cybersecurity federal lawmakers to Congress.


  • Assist in electing candidates who champion issues that promote growth for Tenable and employees.

  • The Tenable PAC contributions are not intended to advance any particular partisan or social agenda; they will promote the election of candidates at the federal level who understand and support policies beneficial to Tenable, regardless of their political party.

  • Unify and strengthen Tenable's voice in the political arena by pooling individual donations into larger contributions.

  • Enable the support of many good candidates across the country, far more than any individual can support alone.

  • Help meet our responsibility as in industry leader to shape the formulation of sound and effective national policies through the elective process.

  • Tenable's executive and administrative personnel, stockholders, and the families of these two groups, who are American citizens, green card holders, or lawful permanent residents in the U.S.
  • Executive and administrative personnel include employees who are paid on a salary (rather than hourly) basis and who have policymaking, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities.

The Tenable PAC Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of Tenable employees that oversee all PAC activity. The PAC Officers are appointed by the Tenable General Counsel. Each officer serves in his or her office until his or her successor is appointed and qualified. The current Tenable PAC Board of Directors includes:

  • PAC Chairman: Vacant

  • PAC Deputy Chairman: James Hayes, Tenable Senior Vice President for Global Government Affairs

  • PAC Treasurer and Custodian of Records: Jill Shapiro, Tenable Vice President of Global Government Affairs

  • PAC Assistant Treasurer: James Hayes, Tenable Senior Vice President for Global Government Affairs

  • PAC At-Large Board Member:

    • Jacqui Demitz, Tenable Vice President of Human Resources

Tenable PAC support is based on federal candidates' positions on legislative issues and sustained constituent relationships.

The Tenable PAC assures transparency. All Tenable PAC contributions to the candidates follow these principles:

  1. The individual must serve on a key committee of jurisdiction to our industry.

  2. The individual must have a role in policy development or negotiations related to our industry.

  3. Tenable has members in the congressional district or state.

  4. Tenable PAC participation will make a difference.

No. The Tenable PAC is independent and bipartisan. Candidates and incumbents supported by the PAC are not evaluated on their political party affiliation.

The setting of policies and processes regarding contributions to candidates or political committees is supervised and directed by the Board of Directors of the PAC. All proposed PAC contributions must be approved by a majority of the quorum of the PAC’s Board of Directors. The policy is to support candidates who share Tenable’s interests and understand the importance of what Tenable does.

All disbursements from the Tenable PAC are reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). You can find the total disbursements for the Tenable PAC by visiting the FEC website here.

You can change your contribution level through the Tenable PAC website or by contacting the PAC Administrator at 240-319-2003 or sending us an email at TenablePAC@tenable.org.

Contact us at (204) 319-2003 or send an email to TenablePAC@tenable.org to learn more ways you can get involved.

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