Tenable PAC

The Tenable PAC is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. The information your provide to Tenable is used only for the purpose of administering or promoting Tenable and complying with applicable laws. Your data is shared in a limited fashion: (1) As required by law, we report your contribution and any required information to the Federal Election Commission; (2) your information is made available to a small number of Tenable employees who manage the program and to limited personnel at DDC Public Affairs, a firm that helps administer Tenable PAC; and (3) Tenable may recognize contributors to the PAC. The information disclosed could include such information as the contributor's name, company, and club level.

Federal law requires public disclosure of all contributions to separate segregated funds (commonly known as political action committees) at or above $200. This information is made available through the Federal Election Commission. Your donation history is provided only to you through this website, as your access to this information is made possible when you log in to the Tenable PAC website.

Questions or comments?

If you have questions or comments about privacy, security or Tenable PAC in general, please contact TenablePAC@tenable.org.